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We Need A Chill Pill Part 2: It’s Everywhere, It’s Coming For Us!

So why does this issue of anxiety seem practically rampant in our society? Look around. The pace of our daily lives is moving faster and faster. This has a lot to do with the technology that has “simplified” our lives in many wonderful (and overwhelming) ways. One of those ways is by making communication via [...]

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We Need A Chill Pill Part 1: The 411 On Anxiety

Is anxiety the new buzzword? We hear all about anxiety in the news, in movies and shows, and even in songs on the radio. Why is it such a thing now? And where did it come from? Sure, everyone’s got anxiety. It's as innately human as joy and despair. And despite our common thought, anxiety [...]

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Anxiety In Children: Six Common Missteps Parents Make

  "Oh no, I think my daughter has anxiety!" "Our son worries all the time, I don't know what happened to our happy little guy!" As concerned parents of children with anxiety, we want to help. But often our attempts are misguided because anxiety shows up differently for kids. So what are we doing wrong? [...]

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Anger in the Apex of the Holidays

There you are, it’s the apex of the holidays. The candles are lit, wine has been poured and steaming food is on your beautifully set table. You have set down the last platter as family surrounds you in your home. Everyone is about to eat and you realize you forgot the butter for the rolls. [...]

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January Has Something to Tell You

Welcome back to January. A transitional month that so blatantly marks a new beginning after a much-anticipated end. Look around, things may look familiar. Well… you’ve been here before. As we say good-bye to the event-filled holiday clamor, there is a distinctive pause in January, a moment to take stock and look at the big [...]

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Trauma in a Time of Fire #sonomastrong

Imagine it, you are under major stress and someone says "Just stay in the moment". You roll your eyes, "being in the moment" sounds impossible, or just plain ridiculous. During times of extreme stress “the moment” is not a pleasant place to be and yet, it may be what we need the most. But yet [...]

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Back To School: Seeing Each Other Through

It was the first day of school. I had just pulled up to Acre Coffee to meet a Mommy friend for a celebratory cup of coffee. With a quick glance into my car mirror, a wipe of tears from my eyes and a smoothing pat down of my morning hair, I was ready. Minutes ago I [...]

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Lost Boys Like Me are Free

"Neverland is home to lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free" -Lost Boy, Ruth B. Ruth Berhe fantasizes about freedom from loneliness in her song Lost Boy. She muses about life before meeting Peter Pan. When she had no place to call home, and her only friend was the man on the moon. [...]

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