We Need A Chill Pill Part 2: It’s Everywhere, It’s Coming For Us!

So why does this issue of anxiety seem practically rampant in our society? Look around. The pace of our daily lives is moving faster and faster. This has a lot to do with the technology that has “simplified” our lives in many wonderful (and overwhelming) ways. One of those ways is by making communication via [...]

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We Need A Chill Pill Part 1: The 411 On Anxiety

Is anxiety the new buzzword? We hear all about anxiety in the news, in movies and shows, and even in songs on the radio. Why is it such a thing now? And where did it come from? Sure, everyone’s got anxiety. It's as innately human as joy and despair. And despite our common thought, anxiety [...]

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Anxiety In Children: Six Common Missteps Parents Make

  "Oh no, I think my daughter has anxiety!" "Our son worries all the time, I don't know what happened to our happy little guy!" As concerned parents of children with anxiety, we want to help. But often our attempts are misguided because anxiety shows up differently for kids. So what are we doing wrong? [...]

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